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WALTER BOAS MEDAL for excellence in research

The aims of the award are to promote excellence in research in Physics in Australia and to perpetuate the name of Walter Boas.

Nominations are invited for the award of the Walter Boas Medal of the AIP and should email the  AIP Special Projects Officer

The Medal was established in 1984 to promote excellence in research in Physics and to perpetuate the name of Walter Boas. The award is for physics research carried out in the five years prior to the date of the award, as demonstrated by both published papers and unpublished papers prepared for publication, a list of which should accompany the nomination.

Any AIP member may make nominations or may self nominate for the award. Nominees must have been members of the AIP for at least 6 months, be Australian citizens and been residents of Australia for at least five of the seven years preceding the closing date for nominations. The Medal shall not be awarded more than once to any person.


The award consists of a medal and is open to competition in any year among persons resident in Australia for at least five out of the seven years preceding the closing date of the entry for the award. The award shall be given for original research making, in the opinion of the examiners, the most important contribution to physics. This will be judged in papers published during the four years immediately preceding the date on which entries for the award close, supported where appropriate by unpublished papers or reports on work carried out during that period.

If a candidate considers that knowledge of work carried out prior to the four year period is necessary for the correct evaluation of the record of work submitted for the award, reference may be made to the work where published, or an unpublished account of such previous work may be submitted. The Medal shall not be awarded more than once to the same person.

Supporting Information

Candidates for the award should provide the following:

  1. A brief curriculum vitae covering personal details, academic and professional qualifications, outline professional career history, and honours and distinguished awards. A full CV is not necessary.
  2. A short account of the research achievements of the candidate (or candidates if there is a joint submission) setting out the achievements on which the application rests and drawing attention to those articles that are important.
  3. A list of relevant publications, patents and reports by descriptive title and reference related to the achievements on which the application is based. Where heavy reliance is placed upon material not reasonably available, a copy of this material may also be submitted.

Candidates are invited to provided the names of up to three internationally known referees who have the appropriate expertise to offer a critical appraisal of the candidate’s achievements.

Presentation of the Award

The award is conditional on the recipient delivering a seminar on the subject of the award at a meeting of the Victorian Branch of the AIP.  The recipient is also expected to provide a manuscript based on the seminar for publication in Australian Physics.

Further Nomination Information and Application Submission

A call for nominations is made in Australian Physics each year. 

Applications and nominations should be made using the Boas Medal nomination form and should be sent to the AIP Special Projects Officer.

Physicists come from diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences. It is our collective goal to identify and nurture the future leaders of the organisation and to ensure that they represent the wide diversity of career stage, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, institutional size, and race. Therefore the AIP strives for balance and diversity in its awards and as a result the AIP Executive has decided that an award will not be considered until we have received at least one male and one female nomination.

Nominations close 1 June 2021.

Previous Winners

  • 2020 Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn, University of Sydney
  • 2019 Professor Andrea Morello, UNSW Sydney

  • 2018 Professor Elisabetta L Barberio, University of Melbourne
  • 2017 Professor David E McClelland, Australian National University
  • 2016 Professor Geraint F Lewis, University of Sydney
  • 2015 Professor Min Gu,  Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2014 Professor Stuart Wyithe, University of Melbourne
  • 2013 Professor Chennupati Jagadish, Australian National University
  • 2012 Professor Lloyd CL Hollenberg, University of Melbourne
  • 2011 Professor Ben J Eggleton, University of Sydney
  • 2010 Professor Kostya Ostrikov, CSIRO
  • 2009 Professor Victor V Flambaum, University of New South Wales
  • 2008 Professor Peter Drummond, Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2007 Associate Professor Derek Leinweber, University of Adelaide
  • 2006 Professor Michael Edmund Tobar, The University of Western Australia
  • 2005 Professor Yuri Kivshar, Australian National University
  • 2004 Professor George D Dracoulis, Australian National University
  • 2003 Professor Gerard J Milburn, University of Queensland
  • 2002 Professor Peter A Robinson, University of Sydney
  • 2001 Associate Professor Anthony G Williams, University of Adelaide
  • 2000 Professor Hans (H-A) Bachor, Australian National University
  • 1999 No award
  • 1998 Professor Robert G Clark, University of NSW
  • 1997 Professor Keith A Nugent, University of Melbourne
  • 1997 Dr Stephen W Wilkins, CSIRO
  • 1996 Professor Andris T Stelbovics, Murdoch University
  • 1996 Dr Igor N Bray, Flinders University
  • 1995 Associate Professor David G Blair, University of Western Australia
  • 1994 No award
  • 1993 Professor Jim Williams, Australian National University
  • 1992 Professor Bruce HJ McKellar, University of Melbourne
  • 1991 Dr P Hariharan, CSIRO Division of Applied Physics
  • 1990 Professor Tony (AG) Klein, University of Melbourne
  • 1990 Professor Geoff (GI) Opat, University of Melbourne
  • 1989 Professor Jim (JF) Williams, University of Western Australia
  • 1988 Professor Robert Delbourgo, University of Tasmania
  • 1987 Professor Tony (AW) Thomas, University of Adelaide
  • 1986 Professor Donald B Melrose, Sydney University
  • 1985 Dr Peter Hannaford, CSIRO Division of Materials Technology
  • 1984 Professor Jim (JA) Piper, Macquarie University

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