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The Australian Institute of Physics is a organisation dedicated to promoting the role of Physics in research, education, industry and the community by:

  • representing and promoting the physics community to government and other legislative or policy-making bodies
  • organising meetings and conferences on research and professional topics;
  • promoting and supporting physics teaching and education in schools, colleges and universities;
  • encouraging investment in government and industrial research;
  • setting and supporting professional standards and qualifications in physics;
  • identifying and supporting the needs of physicists in all sectors of employment;
  • recognising distinguished contributions to physics.

To learn more, have a look at our AIP Member Benefits and Services.


Physics is an enabling science that provides the basis for much of our current understanding of the world in which we live as well as underpinning many established and emerging technologies. As such it is of critical importance to Australia’s cultural and economic development.

Since it was formed in 1963, The Australian Institute of Physics has served the needs and interests of professional physicists, and those with an interest in physics, by:

      • fostering a strong professional identity and fellowship among physicists by providing a forum for their views and enabling them to meet with their colleagues on a regular basis
      • helping to maintain the standards of physics qualifications through the review and accreditation of tertiary physics courses
      • expressing the views and interests of physicists to government bodies and other employers
      • promoting the value and interest of physics as a discipline
      • holding regular conferences and publishing the views of members along with other matters of interest
      • supporting and promoting women in science through the Women-in-Physics workgroup and the Women-in-Physics lecture series
      • encouraging excellence in research and teaching with prizes and awards
      • encouraging outstanding students with awards and prizes
      • providing a broad range of member benefits, including discounted membership of related societies, such as the IOP, financial support for conferences, and others.


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Student Conference Support

Student Members of the AIP are invited to apply for financial support for conference attendance using this template. Applications must be sent to the AIP Secretariat, by 31 March and 31 August each year. The following conditions apply:

    1. Funding is limited to students presenting a paper, either orally or by poster, at National or International level meetings in Australia and New Zealand, or International meetings held outside Australasia. The conference or the material must relate substantially to Physics. The application may be submitted before acceptance of the paper is advised.
    2. Funding will be provided only for travel and accommodation where the location of the conference requires relocation from a student’s place of domicile. Registration fees are not covered.
    3. The applicant must have been an AIP member for at least six months prior to the application deadline and must be enrolled for a higher degree at a recognised tertiary institution in Australia. Where other funding sources are not available, or insufficient to allow conference attendance, a student may apply for assistance from the AIP up to 3 months after their higher degree graduation.
    4. Applications must be received by email prior to travel, outlining the full travel costs, support requested, other support received or expected, budgeted expenses and titles of papers or posters to be presented. Each application must be accompanied by a letter of support signed by the principal supervisor and the Head of School or Discipline.
    5. The maximum support for any one meeting will be $500 for students in their final year of postgraduate study. Smaller amounts may be available in earlier years. Individual students may be granted funds on more than one occasion, subject to a lifetime maximum of $500. Original receipts will be required and will be returned marked with the amount reimbursed.
    6. Awards are conditional on the student providing a brief report on his/her presentation. The abstract will be posted on the AIP website, together with brief details of the conference and support provided. The Institute is to be acknowledged in all presentations, posters and subsequent publications of work that receives support.

Australian Physics

The AIP produces a magazine six times per year called Australian Physics. As a member you automatically receive a copy.  The magazine is only as good as the people who contribute to it. Submit your article to the Editor.  Letters to the editor are also welcome.  Click here for further details.

Click here to download the current advertising rates in Australian Physics.

Reciprocal Membership

The Australian Institute of Physics has reciprocal arrangements with the following professional societies:

      • American Institute of Physics
      • American Physical Society
      • Canadian Association of Physicists
      • European Physical Society
      • Institute of Physics (Singapore)
      • Institute of Physics (UK)
      • New Zealand Institute of Physics
      • Physical Society of Japan
      • Physical Society of the Republic of China
      • South African Institute of Physics

These entitle AIP members to receive member discounts when attending professional meetings run by these societies.

AIP Conference Support Scheme

The AIP Conference Support Scheme offers two types of support for domestic and international Physics-based conferences held in Australia:

    1. Seed funding to help conferences cope with initial financial demands, typically $5k-$10k, and
    2. Financial underwriting where the expectation is that the conference will break even or make a profit.

The first type of support is to be repaid regardless of the financial outcome of the conference. The second type is offered on a risk/profit sharing basis.

The conference organiser making the funding request must be a financial member of the AIP.
Requests for funding should be sent to the AIP Executive and must include:

    1. A statement of the aims of the conference including the scope of material and the involvement of the physics community.
    2. A clear statement of what is requested from the AIP.
    3. A full budget showing all expected income and expenditure for different numbers of attendees.
    4. A clear statement of what other underwriting or sponsorship arrangements have been made with other organisations.
    5. Agreement from the organisers that if the AIP underwrites the conference the AIP will:
      • be fully acknowledged in all publicity
      • receive regular reports on organisation and budget details from the organisers
      • only be liable for the amount initially agreed to by the AIP Executive
      • receive 50% of any profit made by the conference (if there is more than one underwriter then profit will be pro rata to fraction of original total amount of underwriting).

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