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Events Board

The AIP runs a science-orientated events board for online and in-person events across Australia.  Please contact to get your event publicized today!

The AIP has two Zoom accounts, thanks to the generous sponsorship of AARNet. To book one of these accounts for your AIP event or meeting, please email

Upcoming events

    • 7 Feb 2023
    • 4:00 PM
    • 10 Feb 2023
    • 1:00 PM
    • Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

    The 45th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting has been scheduled for 7-10th February 2023, in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

    The "Wagga 2023" Conference Organising Committee are pleased to announce that the 45th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting will now be held, in-person, from Tuesday 7th – Friday 10th February 2023 on its familiar site at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW.

    The meeting will be chaired jointly by Kirrily Rule (ANSTO) and Trevor Finlayson (University of Melbourne). Let’s compensate for the lost years due to COVID-19 by making “Wagga 2023” the biggest edition ever!

    The organising committee may be contacted via  We welcome suggestions and recommendations for invited and keynote speakers.  Contributed papers are encouraged in all areas of condensed matter and materials research.  Students are particularly encouraged to submit abstracts for oral presentations.

    For all information, visit the webpage:

    Key dates

    Abstracts and registration open 5th August 2022
    Abstracts close
    24th October 2022
    Notification of presentation type
    14th November 2022
    Registration closes
    1st December 2022
    • 24 Feb 2023

    The Vicphysics Teachers' Network in association with the Swinburne University of Technology is organising PHYSCON 2023. The conference will be held at the Hawthorn campus of Swinburne University of Technology. The conference will presented in a hybrid format. The keynote speakers are Prof Jean Brodie, Director of the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing and Dr Suzie Sheehy, Senior Lecturer in Accelerator Physics at the University of Melbourne. The call for presenters is still open with registrations to open mid October. For more details check here.

    The open call for presenters has now closed and registrations are open.

Past events

2 Feb 2023 60th Annual General Meeting of the Australian Institute of Physics
11 Dec 2022 AIP 2022 Congress
7 Dec 2022 Frew Fellowship Public Lecture - Generating High-Intensity, Ultrashort Optical Pulses
5 Dec 2022 International Conference on Physics Education
2 Dec 2022 AIP WA Annual Dinner and AGM
1 Dec 2022 (CHANGE OF DATE) AIP Women in Physics 2022: Impacts! Rocks from space colliding with planets - Curtin University
21 Nov 2022 1st Circular on Asia-Pacific Conference on Condensed Matter Physics 2022
21 Nov 2022 Gordon Godfrey Workshop
13 Nov 2022 Engineering & Physical Sciences in Medicine Conference
8 Nov 2022 2nd International Symposium on Trans-Scale Quantum Science
27 Oct 2022 AIP Theoretical Physics Seminar - Spin transfer torques and spin-Hall effect due to the bulk states of topological insulators
3 Oct 2022 Walter Boas Lecture - University of Melbourne
30 Sep 2022 AIP Women in Physics 2022: Impacts! Rocks from space colliding with planets - University of Queensland
29 Sep 2022 AIP Women in Physics 2022: Impacts! Rocks from space colliding with planets - Queensland University of Technology
28 Sep 2022 AIP Women in Physics 2022: Impacts! Rocks from space colliding with planets - Newcastle University
28 Sep 2022 Early career women in STEMM paper and grant writing workshop
28 Sep 2022 2022 STEM Education and Industry Forum
21 Sep 2022 UWA Wallal Expedition Centenary
20 Sep 2022 AIP WA Sundowner: Submarines – why are they so expensive?
6 Sep 2022 AIP Women in Physics 2022: Impacts! Rocks from space colliding with planets - Adelaide University
21 Aug 2022 The 15th Asia Pacific Physics Conference (APPC15)
18 Aug 2022 AIP Theoretical Physics Webinar - Shayan Majidy, Noncommuting charges: Bridging theory to experiment
12 Aug 2022 2022 Annual President's Dinner
9 Aug 2022 AIP Women in Physics 2022: Impacts! Rocks from space colliding with planets - UTAS
1 Aug 2022 IUPAP Conference on Computational Physics
27 Jul 2022 AIP Women in Physics 2022: Impacts! Rocks from space colliding with planets - RMIT
22 Jul 2022 Girls in Physics Breakfasts
20 Jul 2022 Lecture - What’s Happening with the Ozone Hole?
20 Jul 2022 (CANCELLED) AIP Women in Physics 2022: Impacts! Rocks from space colliding with planets - QUT
12 Jul 2022 First Asia-Pacific IUPAP event on IUPAP 100 anniversary
30 Jun 2022 Theoretical Physics Seminar: Searching for Dark Matter Scattering, on Earth and in the Stars
26 Jun 2022 International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS 2022)
9 Jun 2022 AIP Theoretical Physics Seminar: Nigel Goldenfeld, The Life and Death of Turbulence
2 Jun 2022 AIP Women in Physics Lecture: UNSW Canberra
2 Jun 2022 AIP Women in Physics Lecture: ANU (& Online)
1 Jun 2022 AIP Women in Physics Lecture: Wollongong University
31 May 2022 AIP Women in Physics Lecture: Macquarie University
19 May 2022 AIP Theoretical Physics Seminar: Realization of a Discrete Time Crystal on IBM's Quantum Computer
11 Apr 2022 Mathēmatica Sōlis et Terrae: An Australian Academy of Science - Elizabeth and Frederick White Research Conference
8 Apr 2022 Australian Nuclear Association (ANA2022) Conference
25 Mar 2022 Frontiers of Science Forum
24 Mar 2022 AIP theoretical physics seminar: Howard Wiseman
7 Mar 2022 ARPS 2022 Conference
3 Mar 2022 Composite quantum particles at the interface with gravity - foundations and new insights
1 Mar 2022 A Flying Photon
23 Feb 2022 Quantum Australia
11 Feb 2022 CQC2T/AIP Webinar - Quantum Information and Quantum Foundations with Donors in Silicon
2 Feb 2022 From Black-Hole Singularities to Cyclic Cosmology
1 Feb 2022 The 45th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Wagga 2022
10 Dec 2021 CQC2T/AIP Webinar - Machine learning for quantum technology
6 Dec 2021 AIP Summer Meeting
1 Dec 2021 1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Condensed Matter Physics
26 Nov 2021 AIP WA - AGM Dinner and Seminar
23 Nov 2021 Asia Pacific Physical Societies' Forum
18 Nov 2021 ANZCOP21 Online
18 Nov 2021 Dynamical control of a non-Hermitian superconducting qubit
17 Nov 2021 Atomic-scale insight for global-scale impact: How ANSTO’s nuclear science tools are helping to answer big questions in research and innovation
16 Nov 2021 AIP NSW Branch AGM
15 Nov 2021 Environmental Research 2021
4 Nov 2021 Ceri Brenner FLEET-ANSTO CAS seminar
27 Oct 2021 Where Physics Ends and Metaphysics Begins
25 Oct 2021 Space for Planet Earth Challenge
19 Oct 2021 Sundowner Series - Fiona Stanley Radiation Lab Tour
15 Oct 2021 Spyplanes, Enzymes & Alpha Centauri: AIP Physics in the Pub
11 Oct 2021 International conference on Materials Science and Engineering
7 Oct 2021 2021 AAPPS-APCTP C.N. Yang Award Ceremony
6 Oct 2021 Virtual Vacuum Congress 2021
1 Oct 2021 Physics Education Group AGM
1 Oct 2021 Physics Education Group Discipline Workshop
23 Sep 2021 AIP Theoretical Physics Seminar Series - Quantum Measurement and Control with Massive Mechanical Oscillators
20 Sep 2021 Early Career Women in STEMM Paper & Grant Writing Workshop
14 Sep 2021 Review & Revision of the System of Radiological Protection
9 Sep 2021 Quantum Nature of Gravity in the Lab: Assumptions, Implementation and Applications on the Way
7 Sep 2021 15th International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS-15)
31 Aug 2021 Mission to Mars with Susanna Guatelli
26 Aug 2021 AIP Theoretical Physics Seminar: Carl Bender, PT Symmetry
25 Aug 2021 zOOM into Physics 5: The Dark Side of the Universe
24 Aug 2021 The 2021 Around-the-Clock Around-the-Globe Magnetics Conference
18 Aug 2021 Life on Mars (with cosmic radiation) held by ANSTO
17 Aug 2021 2021 AIP Women in Physics Hobart Lecture
12 Aug 2021 The Thermodynamics of Clocks
29 Jul 2021 62nd Hybrid LIYSF 2021 STEM Programme
27 Jul 2021 AIP / IPAS Physics Industry Night
22 Jul 2021 Quantum stochastic resonance of individual Fe atoms
19 Jul 2021 14th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves (Amaldi14)
11 Jul 2021 IUPAP 7th Conference on Women in Physics
26 Nov 2020 WA AGM Dinner & Speaker: Dark Matter, Super Cooled Helium 3 near Absolute Zero and deals with Russian Nuclear Reactors

To view more past events, click here

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