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The AIP runs a science-orientated events board for online and in-person events across Australia.  Please contact to get your event publicized today!

The AIP has two Zoom accounts, thanks to the generous sponsorship of AARNet. To book one of these accounts for your AIP event or meeting, please email

Upcoming events

    • 27 Oct 2021
    • 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

    New webpage: (includes links to videos of previous zOOms)

    Is there any phenomena to which scientific method should not or could not be applied? How far can we stray from or challenge accepted theories before it becomes non scientific and out of scope? Does the process of panel selection of research funding constrain our collective research to incremental exploration conducted by people with existing track records?

    What areas of inquiry currently outside the realm defined as physics warrant genuine research investigation?

    We're going to talk about where physics ends and where metaphysics begins!

    What is "zOOm into Physics"?

    We put the cat among the pigeons - or, to be more precise, put the philosopher amongst the physicists - to stimulate a fun and thoughtful discussion on a different physics topic each month... and you are invited - to listen or, even, to participate: with your thoughts or questions for our amazing panel.

    zOOm into Physics is a monthly lightly moderated Zoom conversation with our resident panel and special guests.

    The session is 100% online and open to AIP members and the general public. Although there will sometimes be a little Physics, we aim to provide a thought provoking, light hearted and illuminating event suitable for the interested general public. (You DEFINITELY don't need to worry about it all going over your head!).

    Participants are encouraged to join in the discussion - with their experience, their questions, or even to offer a contrary view! Participation can be via unmuting yourself and speaking or typing in the chat. The best way to get a sense of what it's about is to click on one of the recordings below.

    • 15 Nov 2021
    • 9:00 AM
    • 17 Nov 2021
    • 5:00 PM
    • Online

    Hosted at UNSW Sydney, Australia 15-17 November 2021, the 12th APCTP Workshop on Multiferroics will bring together leading researchers in the fields of magnetism, ferroelectrics, spintronics, topological structures and correlated electron systems. This workshop is intended to serve as a catalyst for the development of new concepts in multiferroics that go beyond current knowledge.

    Abstracts opens 5/10/21

    Abstracts closes 31/10/21

    Registration opens 5/10/21.

    Register here with FLEET.

    • 16 Nov 2021
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Online

    Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Institute of Physics NSW Branch is to be held by Zoom on Tuesday 16th November 2021, commencing at 6:00 pm.

    Zoom meeting details:

    Password: 304315

    The Agenda will be as follows:

    1. Welcome, attendance and apologies

    2. Chair’s Annual Report

    3. Treasurer’s Annual Report

    4. Nomination of Committee Members for 2022 including the offices of chair, deputy chair, secretary and treasurer for a term of two years will be open for 2022 nominations and be elected at the AGM. Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) current financial members are welcome to nominate for the above positions by letting the Secretary know of their intended nomination for office by email on by Friday 5 November 2021 (close of business).

    5. Any other business

    6. Close of meeting

    • 18 Nov 2021
    • 3:00 PM
    • 19 Dec 2021
    • 6:00 PM

    18 Nov 2021, 3:00 PM – 19 Nov 2021, 6:00 PM @ ANZCOP 21 is running at a series of hubs and online across Australia and New Zealand

    • 23 Nov 2021
    • 3:00 PM
    • Zoom

    At the forum, we will hear how each member society is responding to COVID-19 and discuss physics cooperation in the Asia Pacific region.

    Kirrily Rule (ANSTO and AIP Honorary Secretary) is attending on behalf of the AIP. Any current member of the AIP is welcome to join.

    The forum will be hosted by Seoul and held online.

    Tuesday 23 November 2021 3pm–7pm (AEDT)

    Join Zoom Meeting: 

    Meeting ID: 554 279 8661

    Passcode: apctp1234

    • 1 Dec 2021
    • 3 Dec 2021

    The division of condensed matter physics(DCMP) was founded in January 2021 as the new division in the Association of Asia-Pacific Physics Societies. We are delighted to announce that the DCMP will organize the 1st comprehensive regional conference on condensed matter physics in the Asia-Pacific region. We welcome your participation in this event. I refer you to the 1st circular as attached for your information. I would also like to ask you to be a goodwill ambassador of the DCMP and encourage your colleagues to join the DCMP.

    Topics include all aspects of condensed matter physics: Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Quantum Materials, Topological Materials, Magnetic and Ferroelectric Materials, Superconductors, 2D Materials, Large facilities: Synchrotron, Neutron, High Field, Computational Physics, High Pressure Physics, Quantum Information Science, Spintronics, Device Physic, Functional Materials, and others.


    Date and place, 1st-3rd December 2021, online

    Deadline of submission, October 4th


    For details, please visit the following website,

    • 2 Dec 2021
    • 3 Dec 2021
    • Australian National University in Canberra, Australia

    The rapid progress and expansion of computational power will soon reach the exascale, and provide the compute to solve a new class of problems. The enabling science of high-performance computing is computational mathematics: permitting solution to high dimensional problems, improve the efficiency of calculation, and robustly quantify uncertainty.

    Mathēmatica Sōlis et Terrae, an Australian Academy of Science Elizabeth and Frederick White Research Conference, is a two-day research conference. It will bring together a diverse group of disciplines to share challenges and explore synergies in high performance computing simulation in the fields of the solid Earth (geophysics), land-atmosphere carbon exchange (earth systems science), and solar physics.

    The conference will cover topics in numerical analysis (e.g. Galerkin methods, spline-based techniques, sparse-grids, uncertainty quantification and matching layers) and applications in geophysics, Earth system science and solar and astrophysics.


    Plenary speakers


    Numerical analysis

    • Santiago Badia (Monash University)
    • Jerome Droniou (Monash University)
    • Ulrich Rüde (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)

    Solar / Fusion

    • Amitava Bhatarcharajee (Princeton University)
    • Michael Wheatland (University of Sydney)
    • Paul Cally (Monash University)


    • Phil Cummins (Australian National University)
    • Alice-Agnes Gabriel (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
    • Dave Lee (Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia)

    Earth Systems Science

    • Matthias Cuntz (INRAE, French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment)
    • Clint Dawson (University of Texas at Austin)
    • Andy Hogg (Australian National University)

    Important Dates: 

    Contributed Abstract Deadline: 1st October 2021

    Conference: 2-3 December 2021 

    • 6 Dec 2021
    • (UTC+10:00)
    • 9 Dec 2021
    • (UTC+10:00)
    • Brisbane, QLD

    Mark your diaries for the AIP Summer Meeting, set to take place in Brisbane this December.

    The event was founded in 2017 and takes place every two years, alternating with the AIP Congress.

    This year the meeting will be held at the Queensland University of Technology, running from December 6 to 9. It will be chaired by QUT’s Associate Professor Jennifer MacLeod

    More details, including program, registration and sponsors, will appear soon at 

    • 1 Feb 2022
    • 4 Feb 2022
    • Wagga Wagga campus of the Charles Sturt University

    Due to COVID-19, “Wagga 2021” has been postponed to “Wagga 2022”

    Post graduate and early career researchers are particularly welcome to contribute on topics across the full palette of Condensed Matter and Materials research. The 2022 meeting will be held at the Wagga Wagga campus of the Charles Sturt University from Tuesday, 1st February through to Friday, 4th February, 2022.

    The organising team will be chaired by Michael Cortie, University of Technology Sydney ( and Chris Ling, University of Sydney ( As further information comes to hand, it will be made available at

    • 1 Feb 2022
    • 4 Feb 2022
    • Wagga Wagga campus of the Charles Sturt University

    Due to COVID-19, “Wagga 2021” has been postponed to “Wagga 2022”

    Post graduate and early career researchers are particularly welcome to contribute on topics across the full palette of Condensed Matter and Materials research. The 2022 meeting will be held at the Wagga Wagga campus of the Charles Sturt University from Tuesday, 1st February through to Friday, 4th February, 2022.

    The organising team will be chaired by Michael Cortie, University of Technology Sydney ( and Chris Ling, University of Sydney ( As further information comes to hand, it will be made available at

    • 7 Mar 2022
    • 8:00 AM
    • 10 Mar 2022
    • 5:00 PM
    • Canberra

    Due to covid-19 the 2021 conference has been delayed / postponed till the 7-10th of March 2022.

    Theme of the ARPS 2022 conference is ‘Legacy and Innovation in Radiation Protection’.
    The aim of the conference is to enrich the understanding of non-ionising and ionising radiation safety, highlight the importance of effective communication and stakeholder involvement on radiation safety, highlight new technologies and generate discussion across a broad range of radiation protection aspects looking to the past as well at the future. The Organising Committee is keen to put together a full and extensive program, which will include three days of scientific sessions.
    This is a wonderful opportunity to be involved in this conference. Please join us in Canberra and support ARPS as it delivers the best and most recent radiation protection information to delegates.

    Canberra Rex Hotel

    • 26 Jun 2022
    • 1 Jul 2022

    The organising committee looks forward to welcome you to the 35th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS) to be held Sunday 26 June – Friday 1 July 2022 at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney), Australia. This biennial meeting is the premier forum for reporting all aspects of semiconductor physics including electronic, structural, optical, magnetic and transport properties. The conference will reflect the state of the art in semiconductor physics with a heritage dating back to the 1950s.

    ICC Sydney is located in the heart of one of Australia’s most spectacular cities and is perched directly on the stunning Sydney Harbour. ICPS 2022 attendees will be able to travel by ferry to many of the scenic attractions of Sydney, including Manly Beach, Luna Park and the famous Taronga Zoo, with Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House a short stroll away.

    We encourage you to save the dates in your calendar and register your expression of interest today to be kept up to date with the latest information and program news.

    Join the mailing list to be kept up to date with information on the International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors 2022:

    For more information, please visit:

Past events

19 Oct 2021 Sundowner Series - Fiona Stanley Radiation Lab Tour
15 Oct 2021 Spyplanes, Enzymes & Alpha Centauri: AIP Physics in the Pub
11 Oct 2021 International conference on Materials Science and Engineering
7 Oct 2021 2021 AAPPS-APCTP C.N. Yang Award Ceremony
6 Oct 2021 Virtual Vacuum Congress 2021
1 Oct 2021 Physics Education Group AGM
1 Oct 2021 Physics Education Group Discipline Workshop
23 Sep 2021 AIP Theoretical Physics Seminar Series - Quantum Measurement and Control with Massive Mechanical Oscillators
20 Sep 2021 Early Career Women in STEMM Paper & Grant Writing Workshop
14 Sep 2021 Review & Revision of the System of Radiological Protection
9 Sep 2021 Quantum Nature of Gravity in the Lab: Assumptions, Implementation and Applications on the Way
7 Sep 2021 15th International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS-15)
31 Aug 2021 Mission to Mars with Susanna Guatelli
26 Aug 2021 AIP Theoretical Physics Seminar: Carl Bender, PT Symmetry
25 Aug 2021 zOOM into Physics 5: The Dark Side of the Universe
24 Aug 2021 The 2021 Around-the-Clock Around-the-Globe Magnetics Conference
18 Aug 2021 Life on Mars (with cosmic radiation) held by ANSTO
17 Aug 2021 2021 AIP Women in Physics Hobart Lecture
12 Aug 2021 The Thermodynamics of Clocks
29 Jul 2021 62nd Hybrid LIYSF 2021 STEM Programme
27 Jul 2021 AIP / IPAS Physics Industry Night
22 Jul 2021 Quantum stochastic resonance of individual Fe atoms
19 Jul 2021 14th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves (Amaldi14)
11 Jul 2021 IUPAP 7th Conference on Women in Physics
26 Nov 2020 WA AGM Dinner & Speaker: Dark Matter, Super Cooled Helium 3 near Absolute Zero and deals with Russian Nuclear Reactors

To view more past events, click here

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