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The Resource Repository

This repository includes teaching and assessment resources developed across Faculties of Science, particularly those to support online learning. All resources here have been curated and peer reviewed by experts based on set criteria.

Resources for Teachers

Physics Data and Resources

    Web Elements (Periodic Table)
    PhysicsWeb (IOP)
    Everything you wanted to know about Nuclear Power
    The Net Advance of Physics (MIT)

      For more resources for teachers click here.


      Physclips is a multimedia introduction to physics created by Joe Wolfe and George Hatsidimitrisat at the University of New South Wales.

      The website holds a complete introduction to mechanics, waves and sound with a few other topics included. The primary topics of mechanics, waves and sound cover that which is covered in the physics syllabus of Australian high schools and that of an introductory university course in physics

      Physics Fails

      Dr Avi Shalav , from the University of New South Wales, has developed Shalav Shack Physics Fails. This short video series, filmed and edited during the 2020 pandemic, shows the hilarious trials and tribulations of conducting live physics demonstrations from the isolated “safety” of one’s own home.

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